Gosling Sports Park

A new logo, brand and brand guide for Gosling Sports Park, a large sports and leisure complex in Welwyn Garden City. Gosling were looking for a stronger, clearer, simpler brand and something that that sends a clear message to the customers about the quality of the facilities as well as taking into account Gosling Sports Park’s long history, having been established in 1959. The branding also had to cover not only the large amount of sports, activities, clubs and events that people go to the sports park for, but also had to take into account the size of the site itself. The logo is based around the idea of a simple, recognisable icon that would work across the all areas of the park. A colour system was developed to differentiate the areas that make up Gosling Sports Park. The logo is designed to be displayed in any of these colours depending on the application. These colours and the logo icon can then be used across the site from everything from sports team kits to letterheads to the directional signage used around the complex.

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